Michael Campbell
865 Onagh Ct

Summary of Qualifications

Application Developer / Technical Architect with strong analysis and communication skills; technical experience in application development; and mentoring and documentation. Early adopter and anxious learner of new tech and ideas.

Particularly interested in security, emerging languages, distributed computing, Functional Programming, and Data Analytics. My current tech-crush is Elixir/Phoenix, and LiveView.

I can solve Rubik's Cubes, and juggle (a little). But not at the same time.

Professional Experience

Oct 2022 - Present
Staff Software Engineer
Late 2023 - Present
Team: Atlanta Assurers
Investigating new customer acquisition strategies.
Implementing Customer Consent history functionality, per-quote consent migration to centralized service.
Continuing staff engineer development and testing coaching and mentoring.
Ruby 3.x, Rails 7.x, MongoDB, Postresql (AWS RDS)
Oct 2022 - Late 2023
Team: Keep Calm and Carrier On
Bring new Workers Compensation carriers online.
Implemented multiple quotes per single carrier functionality. Responsible for development and testing coaching and mentoring.
Ruby 3.x, Rails 7.x, MongoDB, Github, New Relic

Dec 2021 - Oct 2022
Senior Software Engineer II
I am part of the FinOps team specializing in backend development for all things financial at brightwheel.
Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS, CircleCI, Github, New Relic
  • Designed and implemented the "Bundled Payments" facility.
  • Backend developer doing onboarding work relating to billing and reporting tasks.
  • Added ability to alert the Payment Operations staff of account updates to help prevent fraud.
  • Adding ability to automatically "gate" Customer Payments to reduce the window fraudulent payments, and make Payment Operation's job easier.
Nov 2020 - Dec 2021
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Byzzer is a startup wholly owned by NielsenIQ that helps small CPG manufacturers win more market share with actionable retail data insights.
I am responsible for the design and implementation of user stories and bug fixes originating from the Product, Development and QA teams; covering coding, testing, and deployment of UI, backend, and automated testing.
Resident testing evangelist, and RDBMS Third Normal Form enthusiast.
React.js, Javascript, Typescript, Google Cloud Platform/Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL)/Functions, Python, Cypress.io
  • Lead CSR/Integrations team in design/development of CSR application for byzzer.com.
  • Design/develop integrations to third parties; eg: Suzy.com.
  • Participate in architectural review and design meetings for the Byzzer platform.

Cisco Systems, Security Business Group, Alpharetta, GA
Jan 2013 - Jan 2016 - Oct 2020
Ongoing Responsibilities
  • Info-share product feature and architecture between Cloud and Enterprise teams
  • Present periodic "new hire orientation" Engineering department overview
  • Resident Groovy, Spock, complexity, and metrics evangelist
Mid 2018 - Oct 2020
Software Engineer
Stealthwatch Cloud team developing network and cloud security software
Python, Django, AWS (SQS, S3, EC2, Redshift)
  • Help design and implement new security features and detections
  • Implementing cloud based front end for existing Cisco on-premises system(s)
  • Shepherd code through CI/CD systems / DevOps
Mid 2017 - Mid 2018
Research Product Owner
Agile Product Owner for Research Team
  • Directed work for "Host Classifier" research effort
  • Worked with Research Team to plan areas of study
  • Liaison with UI/UX team to visualize research outputs
  • Organized and managed customer feedback sessions
2016 - Mid 2017
Research Engineer
Researcher for future Cisco Stealthwatch product features
Java, SQL, Groovy, Ruby; Gremlin, Apache Spark, Kafka, Spring
  • Investigated different ways to intuit host types from network data
  • Prototyped graph based network host visualizations
  • Prototyped streaming based data-flow architectures
2014 - 2016
Software Architect
Define direction, standards, frameworks, and patterns for StealthWatch development
Java, SQL, Go, Groovy; Spring, Akka
  • Prototyped CQRS/Event Sourcing data analysis
  • Embedded with development team on "Host Group" microservice development
  • Assisted with development of in-house "common development stack" using Docker
  • Designed and developed "Saved Search"/reporting functionality
  • Introduced MongoDb
Jan 2013 - 2014
Software Developer
Product feature development for Lancope StealthWatch
Java, SQL, Groovy; Spring
  • Transitioned development team from ant to maven
  • Managed training and transitioning of development teams from CVS to git
  • Design, develop, and debug new product features
Clear2Pay, Atlanta, GA
Oct 2006 - Dec 2012
Technical developer/architect producing payment processing services and online bill payment and presentment software
Java 1.5, J2EE, Websphere, Hibernate; Linux & Windows
  • Technical Architect for team developing a payment hub system for BNY Mellon, supporting global currencies and payment channels across multiple geographic regions. See Also
  • Developed and deployed an international payment file converter, allowing the United States Federal Reserve to transfer files to and from European partners using ISO PACS 008/004 format.
  • Architected, developed, and deploying an ebill presentment and payment system in concert with TODO1 to be used in Banco Mercantil.
May 2003 - Oct 2006
Software & System Architect
Technical architect, leader, and mentor in services group, producing online bill payment, bill presentment, and UI services software.
Java 1.4, J2EE, WebLogic, WebWork, JSF 1.x; Linux & Windows
  • Architected presentation layer for application allowing billers to offer bill pay services on their own site; using CheckFree I-Series, java JSF.
  • Architected and implemented webservice based EBill caching service, reducing mainframe CICS calls by over 1.5 million per day; using BEA WebLogic webservices, java, and IBM CTG.
  • Introduced WebWork web framework to CheckFree, which was subsequently used to add functionality to MyCheckfree.com, several internal projects, and a system health-monitoring application.
2005 - present
Web Designer, Developer
Primary web designer and application developer of online retail citrus shipping
Java 1.4 - 1.7, Python, Tomcat, WebWork, Freemarker, IBatis, Spring, Ruby, Groovy, shell script, Linux
  • Full SDLC development of entire retail shopping cart application
  • Design and develop batch interfaces to wholesale fulfillment company
S1 Corporation, Atlanta, GA
October 1997 - May 2003
Senior Application Developer/Architect
Technical architect and application developer producing software for online Internet financial applications.
C++, Java 1.3, Servlet, JSP, WebSphere Portal; Windows
  • Designed and developed JDBC/database persistence layer for "Enterprise Platform" using Java, JDBC, JSP, EJBs, Jakarta Struts.
  • Proposed, designed and wrote test harness speeding up debugging and testing by 80%.
Solutions by Design Inc., Atlanta, GA
January 1997 - October 1997
Specialization in Technical Architecture
C++, perl; Windows, Solaris
  • Developed UNIX server-side technical messaging architecture at Turner Broadcasting Inc. using C++, Oracle 7.x, BEA Tuxedo 6.x, HP-UX 10.20
February 1993 -- January 1997
Senior Application Developer, Webmaster
X/Motif Developer, back end clearance and settlement systems
C++, perl, sybase; Windows, Solaris/SunOS
  • Developed internationally traded securities & Federal Reserve clearance and settlement system
  • Launched, headed, developed, and managed all WWW services for the Tampa Application Development office

Personal Projects

Data Analytics

Training and Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Dec 2020


Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
  • Tutored students at Student Academic Resource Center at all levels of experience in Computer Science, Computing Theory, Logic and Proof, and Mathematics classes.

Recognition & Awards

Best Attitude
For willingness to help at any time.
For open communication and XP evangelizing.
Outstanding Teacher Award
For seminars in Perl programming, basic network programming, Email: Uses and Abuses, and How To: Program for CGI.