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5000.0, trending flat 4000.0, trending flat Circlet of the Invoker

Colored bands indicate "high" and "low" price areas. Over the last 30 days, MOST prices fell within the white area between the bands.

Last Recorded Auctions

2023-03-08 Xziqu 5000
2023-03-06 Xziqu 5000
2023-03-05 Xziqu 5000
2023-03-04 Xziqu 5000
2023-02-26 Deathbank 1500
2023-02-24 Deathbank 2000
2023-02-18 Deathbank 2000
2023-02-17 Deathbank 3000

Colors indicate 30-day high or low price.

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