project1999 Last Week Auctions

A quick and dirty list of the auctions I have seen on project1999 over the past 7 days. It is by no means authoritative. Auctions are happening all over the zones, and I only see the ones I'm in. Per the rules, I don't box the server, so I don't have a mule anywhere EXCEPT when I'm not playing; then I have a guy in EC.

Note that the data might be shit. I go to a LITTLE length to try and weed out the obvious bad inputs, but this being a parser of the unbelievably crappy text that EQ players put in their "/auc" notes, there's only so much that can be done.

* 10 Dose Ant's Potion8247
* 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf12128
10 Dose Greater Null Potion2425
10 Dose Kilva's Skin of Flame2425
10 Dose Null Potion6250
* 10 Dose Potion of Unlife Awareness4250
A Gypsy Medallion425
A Red Knight1400
* A Red Throne426250
A Torch1100
* A White Crown54000
Adamantite Club14000
Adamantite Epaulets2250
Advisor Robe1100
* Amulet of Necropotence8240000
* Anti-Poison Amulet81000
Arctic Wyvern Cloak61000
Arctic Wyvern Gloves1500
Arctic Wyvern Hide150
Arctic Wyvern Skullcap11200
Arctic Wyvern Tunic11500
Astral Leggings of the Titans21050
Axe of Lost Souls2525
Azure Sleeves538
Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye7379
Balanced Velium Warsword41100
Band of Eternal Flame31967
Barbed Dragonscale Boots6950
Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons91789
Barbed Ringmail91633
Barbed Ringmail Sleeves21500
Barbed Scale Whip290000
Batfang Headband840
* Baton of Faith2100
Batskull Earring1175
Bear-hide Jerkin320
Bearskin Potion Bag250
Belt of the Cenobite1500
Belt of the Great Turtle195000
Black Alloy Girdle150
Black Alloy Medallion1100
Black Ice Boots2250
Black Ice Leggings1300
Black Marble31000
Black Pantherskin Belt1700
Black Pantherskin Boots3800
Black Pantherskin Cloak1700
Black Pantherskin Gloves3600
Black Pantherskin Leggings3800
Black Pantherskin Shoulderpads1700
Black Pantherskin Skullcap1700
Black Pantherskin Sleeves5640
Black Pantherskin Tunic3900
Black Pantherskin Wristbands5350
Black Pearl218
Black Sapphire2325
Black Sapphire Electrum Earring4512
Black Sapphire Velium Necklace13954
* Black Throne93722
* Blackened Alloy Bastard Sword225
Blackened Alloy Coif3167
Blackened Alloy Legplates323
Blackened Alloy Longsword325
Blackened Crystalline Robe4175
Blackened Iron Armplates110
Blackened Iron Boots115
Blade of Carnage7150714
Blade of Fiery Lamentations150
Blood Ember Boots1750
Blood Ember Bracer1400
Blood Ember Helm1400
Blood Ember Vambraces2275
Blood Point71800
Blood Runed Gauntlets118000
Blood Runed Girdle112000
Blood Runed Greaves310000
Bloodstained Fang125
Bloodstained Mantle335
Bloodstained Tunic683
Blue Diamond9344
* Blue Throne754286
Bone Amulet of Blade Turning1300
Bone Armplates15
Bone Chips66
Bone Legplates120
Bone Mask of the Jarsath1200
Book of Obulus2600
Book of Tactics1300
Book of the Rings4288
Box of Nil Space11300
Bracelet of Woven Grass290
Bracer of Vajeen275
Bracers of Battle220
Braided Cinch Cord1350
Braided Ivy Cords3300
Brell's Girdle66173
* Brigandine Tunic3242
Brightwood Spear1100
Bronze Statue of Bathezid3533
Brown Chitin Protector448
Cane of the Tranquil1100
Carrion Beetle Leggings125
Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate511200
Charred Boots225
Charred Guardian Breastplate4100
Charred Guardian Shield695
Chipped Bone Bracelet5146
Chipped Bone Collar310
Chipped Bone Rod220
Chipped Onyx Sapphire295
Chipped Velium Amulet275
* Chitin Shell Shield140
Choker of Majdd5250
Chokidai Hide Spaulders3167
Chrysoberyl Talisman175
Circlet of Shadows7229
Cloak of Leaves125
Cloak of Shadows9283
Cloak of the Maelstrom41350
Clockwork Watchman Gauntlets41375
* Club of the Ice Ocean15379
Cobalt Boots6508
Cobalt Gauntlets5485
* Coldain Skin Boots51870
* Coldain Skin Gloves72086
Coldstone Wreath2200
Collar of Undead Protection115
Conch Shell Horn150
Cone of the Mystics6283
Cougar Claw Earring4112
Cracked Darkwood Shield175
Crafted Bracers1100
Crafted Gauntlets1100
Crafted Greaves1100
Crafted Plate Boots2125
Crested Helm1125
Crested Mistmoore Shield262
* Crown of King Tranix66667
Crown of Leaves140
Crown of the Forlorn175
Crushed Flame Opal375
Crushed Jaundice Gem788
Crushed Lava Ruby688
Crushed Onyx Sapphire3125
Crushed Opal1100
Crustacean Shell Boots1150
Crustacean Shell Bracers180
Crustacean Shell Breastplate2125
Crustacean Shell Gauntlets4112
Crustacean Shell Helm4109
Crustacean Shell Vambraces1150
Crypt Master`s Conjuring Stone11500
Crystal Chitin Armplates61750
Crystal Chitin Boots5880
Crystal Chitin Chestguard32667
Crystal Chitin Circlet1150
Crystal Chitin Gauntlets9567
Crystal Chitin Leggings12000
Crystal Chitin Shield61000
Crystal Covered Shroud262
Crystal Spider Eyes21050
Crystalline Robes275
Crystalline Short Sword8288
Crystalline Silk11
Crystalline Silk Pantaloons175
Crystallized Blade125
Cured Silk Cloak110
Cured Silk Collar110
Cured Silk Mantle110
Cyclops Toes120
Dagger of Dropping110
Dagger of Marnek262
Dark Ember2325
Dark Mail Gauntlets328
Dark Scale Sleeves5840
Darkforge Helm1200
DawnFire, Morning Star of Light111000
Deadwood Stave150
Deathfist Slashed Belt22
* Deepwater Boots8412
Deepwater Breastplate19000
Deepwater Vambraces4400
* Di`zok Begirding2600
Di`zok Oracle Shillelagh110000
Diamondine Earring175
Dire Wolf-Hide Cloak1700
Djarns Amethyst Ring25500
Dragon Scales1200
Dragon Tooth Choker21200
Dragon-hide Mantle110
Dragoon Dirk140
Drake-hide Leggings367
Dreadscale Vambraces1150
Drolvarg Mantle330
Drop of Mercury150
Dusty Bloodstained Gloves125
Dwarven Plate Greaves2775
Dwarven Work Boots1100
Earring of Essence221559
Earring of Twisted Leaves13500
* Earring of Woven Bark22247
Ebon Mace12400
* Efreeti Ice Staff15000
Elder Spiritist's Boots9756
Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets1500
Elder Spiritist's Vambraces2700
Elder's Earring67550
Elemental Binder218
Elf-hide Gloves622
Embalmers Skinning Knife61483
Enshrouded Veil3500
Essence Emerald1180
Essence of Dol125
Essence of Winter110
Etched Steel Baton5460
* Executioners Hood3200
Exquisite Velium Battlehammer222000
Exquisite Velium Claidhmore15000
Exquisite Velium Reinforced Bow110
Eyepatch of the Shadows45750
Fancy Velvet Mantle31200
Fatty Walrus Meat110
Feathered Leggings175
Fellspine's Tail2500
Fingerbone Hoop49875
Fingerbone Necklace240
Firerune Brand150
* Fishbone Earring32000
Flawed Emerald190
Flawed Flame Emerald1200
Flawed Sea Sapphire190
Flawed Topaz190
Flawless Diamond113382
Flayed Skin Tunic240
Flowing Black Robe150
Flowing Black Silk Sash102470
Foreman's Skull Cap250
Forest Loop2338
Froglok Bonecaster's Robe4862
Frozen Mantle110
Frozen Orb3617
Fungus Covered Scale Tunic555400
Garou Bone Club1200
Gatorscale Leggings7336
* Gatorscale Sleeves654
Gauntlets of Iron Tactics8319
Gauntlets of the Black4125
Giant Scalemail Leggings1100
Giant Scalemail Sleeves4100
Glove of Rallos Zek715
Glowing Stone Band120
Glowing Wooden Crook340
Gnoll Hide Lariat320
Gnome Skin Skullcap140
Goblin Gazughi Ring7790
Goblin Soul Caller1350
Golden Amber Earring125
Golden Black Sapphire Earring1500
Golden Bracer5560
Golden Cat Eye Bracelet150
Golden Chitin Bracer5240
Golden Diamond Mask2400
Golden Efreeti Boots8925
Golden Star Amulet130
Golem Metal Wand1500
Greaves of Avoidance4126
Green Goblin Skin5260
Green Jade Broadsword882
Green Jade Halberd1300
Green Silken Drape429
Grotesque Alloy Mask383
Guard Captain`s Mallet32448
Guardians Mace5750
Hand Made Backpack452
Hand of the Reaper85000
Hardened Clay Bracelet1700
Haze Panther Eye230
Haze Panther Leggings22900
Haze Panther Skullcap13200
Heavy Velium Spear24750
Helm of Rile1100
Herbalist's Spade825375
Hero Bracers9156
Hierophant's Cloak215000
Hierophant`s Crook11000
High Quality Bear Skin1628
High Quality Cat Pelt215
High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelt2600
Hollow Bone Shank225
Howling Harpoon3600
Ice Giant Toes393
Ice Silk Robe210500
Idol of Woven Grass421
Idol of the Thorned231870
Idol of the Underking1250
Iksar Berserker Club1150
Iksar Hide Boots1500
Iksar Hide Cape65700
Iksar Hide Manual11000
Iksar Hide Mask29000
Iksar Scaled Gloves115
Iksar Skin Gloves3300
Imbued Cabilis Scale Mantle1100
Imbued Fighters Staff16000
Imperial Wardog Collar3533
Impskin Gloves1300
Incandescent Gloves1250
Incarnadine Breastplate28000
Inlaid Jade Hoop21450
Ivory Imbued Collar10160
* Jade Chokidai Prod4212
Jade Inlaid Spaulders6650
Jade Mace6650
Jade Reaver13000
Jade Shard715
Jaded Electrum Bracelet115
* Jaded Silver Ring15
Jagged Band130
Jagged Blade of Mourning2300
Jagged Chokidai Spine448
Jagged Long Sword4450
Jarsath Trident4112
Jasper Gold Earring323
Jaundice Gem295
Jaundiced Bone Boots1400
Jaundiced Bone Breastplate118000
Jaundiced Bone Helm1400
Jaundiced Bone Vambraces1400
Jeweled Skull1175
Journeyman's Walking Stick3317
Karana's Tear110
Knotted Turtlebone Ring24000
Knuckle Dusters5140
Kobold Bone Gauntlets3147
Kunzar Ku'juch439
Laced Veil11116
Lambent Breastplate1400
Lambent Stone320
Large Soiled Bag13800
* Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap15900
Lieutenant's Helm150
Light Burlap Sack3365
Loam Encrusted Amice3117
Loam Encrusted Bracelet2200
Loam Encrusted Cap2100
Loam Encrusted Choker150
Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes8134
Loam Encrusted Pantaloons1200
Loam Encrusted Sleeves2100
Loam Encrusted Veil1100
* Lodizal Shell Boots4800
* Lodizal Shell Shield1325615
Lumberjack's Cap218
Luminescent Staff25500
Lute of the Gypsy Princess250
Lute of the Howler511000
Mantle of Mirth1100
Mask of Secrets2450
* Mask of Swirling Water1500
Mask of Wurms7214
Massive Dragonclaw Shard450500
Master Wu's Trance Stick772
* Matchless Dragonwing Cloak35000
Metal Bits15
Mind Melt1500
* Mistmoore Battle Drums565
Mithril Breastplate2325
Mithril Frog Totem250
Mithril Greaves4562
Mithril Plated Girth1500
Mithril Vambraces2575
Molten Cloak2275
Morning Dew520
Mosscovered Twig360000
Mountain Death Belt630
Mt. Death Mineral Salts383
Mucilaginous Girdle1450
Mystic Koada`Dal Mithril Boots3300
Mystic Koada`Dal Mithril Helm6500
Narandi's Lance215000
Nathsar Leggings23500
* Nathsar Vambraces11239
Necklace of Superiority27250
Netted Kelp Sleeves11000
Netted Kelp Tunic22000
Nightshade Wreath2100
Noctivagant Blade11300
Oak Bark4200
Obsidian Bead Hoop125
Obsidian Ring115
Obulus Death Shroud31333
Oiled Greaves22500
Orb of Tishan94400
Orb of the Infinite Void520000
Orc Fang Earring12175
Ornate Rune Shield1800
Othmir Prexus Totem210500
Overseer`s Signet3375
Paineel Steel Vambraces595
Paw of Opolla3300
Pearl Shard715
Peerless Dragonhorn Bracers55000
Peerless Dragonwing Mantle17000
Phase Spider Carapace21200
Platinum Armband383
Platinum Fire Wedding Ring5225
Platinum Ruby Veil1450
Platinum Tiara12000
Poison Washed Spaulders2900
Polished Bone Bracelet2100
Polished Shai`din Naginata63417
Polished Stone Anklet350
Potion of Purity1250
Potion of Stinging Wort1800
Prayer Cloth of Tunare150
Prayer Shawl43000
Pristine Emerald6288
Purple Headband11800
Rabbit Meat11
Ravenscale Belt1100
Ravenscale Chestguard3200
Ravenscale Cloak130
Ravenscale Gloves145
Reaper of the Dead15434
* Red Crown114000
Red Dragonscale Armor44625
Red Sash of Order3100
Red Squire1100
Red Wood Wand1300
Reinforced Dragonspine Vambraces1900
Ring of Shadows6318
Ring of the Frost Spiders2150
Robe of the Ishva1500
* Robe of the Oracle8100
Rod of Faith110000
Rod of Oblations1100
Rokyls Channelling Crystal1500
Royal Kromrif blood11000
Rune Etched Wedding Band1150
Runed Bolster Belt125000
Runed Bone Fork12138
Runed Mithril Bracer1300
Runed Morning Star11400
Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads4125
Ry`Gorr Oracle Shield1350
Sandwich of Foul Smelling Herbs1400
Sapphire Velium Necklace3433
Sarnak Arcane Fetish7144
* Sarnak Battle Shield16944
Sarnak Bracer of Honor51300
Sarnak Emblazened Tabard150
Sarnak Flesh Harvester225
Sarnak Hide Boots11000
Sarnak Liberator160
Sarnak Skullsplitter323
Sarnak Warhammer6342
Sarnak-Hide Mask450
Sash of the Dragonborn83500
Savant's Cap525
Scaled Robe of the Elder Serpent1500
Scaled Wolf Hide Cloak110
Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn411750
Seahorse Spine Bracelet5530
Sebilite Croaking Dirk13500
Sebilite Scale Boots12225
Sebilite Scale Mask1100
Sentient Bracer1100
Sentient Greaves1125
Sentient Plate Boots1100
Shai`din Revenant Bauble42425
Sharkbone Warhammer250
* Sheer Bone Mask250
Shield of Shadows3183
Shield of the Slain Unicorn150
Shimmering Terror Hide Boots1250
Shimmering Terror Hide Cloak1750
* Shiny Brass Idol13492
Shralok Pack13116
Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring61550
Sickly Glowing Orb22250
* Silver Bloodstone Earring12
Silver Bracelet4200
* Silver Cat Eye Necklace13
Silver Chitin Hand Wraps8790
Silver Chitin Wristband84850
* Silver Jasper Ring12
* Silver Onyx Bracelet15
* Silver Swiftblade275
Silver Sword of Yalrek11500
* Silver Wolf's Eye Necklace13
Silver-Plated Bracer325
Silversilk Leggings120
Silvery Belt of Contention25000
Silvery Girdle1200
Singing Steel Helm12000
Sionachie's Partisan4150
Skull-shaped Barbute1400
Skyfury Scimitar33800
* Sly Summoner Doll78857
Small Wisdom Deity120
Smokey Quartz Dagger428
Smoldering Brand5164
Sorcerous Bowl41425
Soul Binder4319
Spell: Aegis of Ro150
Spell: Aegolism4350
Spell: Allure1250
Spell: Arch Lich1200
Spell: Augment3417
Spell: Banishment1100
Spell: Bedlam815875
* Spell: Blizzard470
Spell: Bond of Death6317
Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind1100
Spell: Breath of Karana4219
Spell: Call of Bones363
Spell: Call of Fire250
Spell: Call of Karana4200
Spell: Call of the Hero91878
Spell: Cannibalize IV2500
Spell: Circle of Great Divide750
Spell: Circle of Summer150
* Spell: Circle of Winter377
Spell: Clarity II1500
Spell: Color Shift222
Spell: Color Slant150
Spell: Conjure Corpse4362
* Spell: Convergence377
Spell: Dead Man Floating5100
* Spell: Death Pact377
Spell: Dictate24000
Spell: Draught of Jiva150
Spell: Elemental Maelstrom150
Spell: Enlightenment1100
Spell: Evacuate150
Spell: Exile Undead2100
Spell: Extinguish Fatigue125
Spell: Fixation of Ro565
* Spell: Flame of Light1058
Spell: Focus of Spirit2300
Spell: Forlorn Deeds31336
* Spell: Form of the Howler470
Spell: Gift of Brilliance3300
Spell: Gift of Insight2200
* Spell: Gift of Xev377
Spell: Girdle of Karana2200
Spell: Glamour of Tunare4100
Spell: Gravity Flux488
Spell: Great Divide Portal750
Spell: Greater Vocaration: Water4312
Spell: Harmshield120
Spell: Haunting Corpse120
Spell: Heroic Bond350
Spell: Improved Invisibility488
Spell: Infusion6108
Spell: Invert Gravity150
Spell: Invoke Death4238
Spell: Invoke Shadow1100
Spell: Levant6325
Spell: Lich11300
Spell: Mark of Karn4638
Spell: Mask of the Hunter18000
Spell: Mesmerization327
Spell: Monster Summoning III1200
Spell: Naltron's Mark1500
Spell: Paralyzing Earth1100
Spell: Pillage Enchantment150
* Spell: Pillar of Frost470
Spell: Pillar of Lightning150
* Spell: Plainsight377
Spell: Quiver of Marr550
Spell: Quivering Veil of Xarn150
Spell: Rage of Zomm4275
Spell: Reckoning150
Spell: Regrowth of the Grove1800
Spell: Renew Bones1100
Spell: Ro's Fiery Sundering1200
Spell: Sedulous Subversion9944
Spell: Shiftless Deeds150
Spell: Spirit of Oak4500
Spell: Spirit of Scale150
Spell: Spirit of the Howler2900
Spell: Splurt264
Spell: Summon Corpse1400
Spell: Summon Shard of the Core358
Spell: Surge of Enfeeblement175
* Spell: Talisman of Jasinth564
Spell: Talisman of the Brute2225
Spell: Talisman of the Cat1300
* Spell: Tears of Druzzil377
* Spell: Thrall of Bones377
Spell: Tumultuous Strength488
* Spell: Upheaval470
* Spell: Vocarate: Water566
Spell: Wind of Tishanian2350
Spell: Word of Restoration1500
Spell: Word of Vigor475
Spell: Wrath of the Elements1200
Spell: Yaulp IV177
Spider Fur Belt11500
Spider Fur Collar2200
Spider Fur Gloves1150
* Spider Fur-Lined Boots5218
Spider Silk27
Spiked Goblin Ring544
Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt1232542
* Spined Seahorse Hide Breastplate1800
Spirit Tome1175
Split Paw Hide Gloves425
Split Paw Hide Tunic115
Sporestrand Shield125
Squallsurge Shawl51620
Staff of Battle2400
Stained Cloth Mask1200
Stalking Probe250
Star Ruby2100
Steel Hilted Flint Dagger210000
Stein of Moggok1200
Stein of Tears1200
Stone of Morid1400
Stormfeather Talons3125
Student's Homework2300
Swiftblade of Zek755714
Sword of the Morning1300
Symphonic Saber5240
Talisen, Bow of the Trailblazer2950
Tar goo strands268
* Targishin's Bone Mask2300
Tempered Velium Knuckledusters4238
Tempered Velium Warsword1350
The Skull of Torture1100
Thick Banded Belt62000
Thunder Etched Gauntlets1300
Thunderhoof Quiver450
Tiger Skin125
* Tolan's Darkwood Gauntlets7500
Tolan's Darkwood Greaves814875
Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces5480
Tolapumj's Robe31767
Tome of the Eternal4262
Trakasaur's Tooth1375
Tranquil Staff1146727
Tribal War Boots72757
Tribal War Mask1250
Trochilic's Skean15000
Trueshot Longbow1500
Turquoise Eyepatch120
Turtleshell Helm412
Twisted Druid Doll17500
Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet11500
Velium Crystal Staff29500
Velium Diamond Wedding Ring2800
Velium Fire Wedding Ring3483
Velium Ruby Veil9644
Velium War Wolf Choker1200
Venomous Axe of the Velium Brood5910
Viik's Dark Defender130
Walrus Tooth175
Wand of Allure15000
Wand of Darkness1100
Wand of Lava150
Wand of Swords1100
Werewolf Skin Cloak350
Whip of Strangulation225
White Knight1400
* White Throne135000
White Wolf-hide Cloak1100
Wing of Xegony150
Withered Leather Mask2150
Withered Leather Tunic92001
Wooly Spider Silk Net10960
Words of Bondage343
Words of Grappling150
Words of Obligation330
Words of Odus150
Words of Possession320
Words of Requisition150
Words of the Ethereal150
Worked Dragonleg Breeches11000
Worked Dragonspine Vambraces9778
Wraith Bone Hammer434
Wrapped Entropy Serpent Spine223298
Wu's Quivering Staff480
* Wurm Scale Coat13500
Yew Leaf250