P1999Teal Last Week Auctions

A quick and dirty list of the auctions I have seen on P1999Teal over the past 7 days. It is by no means authoritative. Auctions are happening all over the zones, and I only see the ones I'm in. Per the rules, I don't box the server, so I don't have a mule anywhere EXCEPT when I'm not playing; then I have a guy in EC.

Note that the data might be shit. I go to a LITTLE length to try and weed out the obvious bad inputs, but this being a parser of the unbelievably crappy text that EQ players put in their "/auc" notes, there's only so much that can be done.

10 Dose Blood of the Wolf4102
10 Dose Potion of Unlife Awareness1180
A Gypsy Medallion3217
A Shimmering Orb1100
Alligator Skin15
Alligator Tooth Earring62
Antiqued Silver Band24
Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye3183
Banded Belt34
Banded Boots14
Banded Bracer65
Banded Gauntlets15
Banded Gorget24
Banded Helm16
Banded Mail112
Banded Mantle11
Banded Mask11
Banded Sleeves36
Barbed Armplates110
Barnacle Breastplate150
Bat Wing11
Blackened Iron Crown1200
Blackened Sapphire115
Blackened Wand15
Bloodforge Hammer524
Bloodstained Mantle292
Bone Bladed Claymore537
Bone Chips342
Bone Fingered Gloves215
Bone Shield28
Bone Spear115
Bracelet of Beetlekind215
Broken Heirloom Necklace1250
Bronze Breastplate313
Bronze Collar110
Bronze Greaves17
Charred Guardian Shield1500
Chipped Bone Rod110
Chitin Shell Armor130
Chitin Shell Shield415
Cold Iron Morning Star1100
Collar of Undead Protection511
Crushbone Belt32
Crushbone Shoulderpads11
Cured Silk Gi28
Cured Silk Mask14
Cured Silk Sandals22
* Cutthroat Insignia Ring72
Dagger of Marnek370
Damask Robe53
Dark Shield of Ebon11
* Deathfist Slashed Belt282
Dusty Bloodstained Gloves248
Dwarven Axe110
Dwarven Two-Handed Axe120
Electrum Cat Eye Bracelet15
Electrum Jasper Earring26
Elf-hide Gloves130
Fang of the Wolf220
Festering Cloak27
Fine Steel Long Sword110
Fine Steel Two Handed Sword110
Fine Steel Warhammer19
Flowing Black Robe1200
Footman's Voulge15
Forged Bastard Sword56
Forged Dagger24
Forged Long Sword115
Forged Scimitar17
Forged Spear215
Forged Two Handed Sword810
* Gatorscale Sleeves1400
* Giant Snake Fang262
Glowing Torch120
Gnoll Hide Lariat110
Golden Amber Earring125
Golden Cat Eye Bracelet140
* Golden Locket84
Gossamer Robe38
Greater Lightstone107
* Hand Made Backpack2319
Hero Bracers1325
* High Quality Bear Skin396
High Quality Cat Pelt44
High Quality Wolf Skin24
Honey Jum115
Jaded Electrum Bracelet211
Jaded Silver Ring55
Kite Shield110
Large Banded Belt15
Large Banded Boots16
Large Banded Mail115
Large Banded Mask14
Large Banded Sleeves24
Large Bronze Gauntlets17
* Large Ringmail Coat112
Large Studded Mask12
Leather Whip15
Leering Mask15
Low Quality Bear Skin22
Low Quality Cat Pelt15
Medium Quality Cat Pelt11
Mesh Gauntlets15
Midnight Mallet6321
Minotaur Battle Axe56
Minotaur Horn35
* Netted Gloves44
Ogre Butcher Gloves17
Onyx Ring14
Opalline Earring1100
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 2615
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 31215
Polished Bone Bracelet1150
Polished Granite Tomahawk1150
Pristine Giant Scarab Carapace65
* Purity Belt95
Rat Pelt Cape11
Rat Shaped Ring36
Raw Silk Headband22
Raw Silk Leggings11
* Raw Silk Robe96
Raw Silk Sash12
Raw Silk Wristbands11
Raw-hide Cloak11
Raw-hide Sleeves13
Raw-hide Tunic15
Reinforced Mask14
Ringmail Coat110
Ringmail Coif15
Rune of Proximity22
Runed Totem Staff110
Savant's Cap338
Shadow Wolf Pelt11
Shralok Pack974
Silk Swatch69
Silver Amber Ring106
Silver Bloodstone Earring93
Silver Carnelian Wedding Ring13
Silver Cat Eye Necklace132
Silver Jasper Ring114
Silver Onyx Bracelet73
Silver Rose Engagement Ring64
Skinning Knife34
Small Banded Belt35
Small Banded Boots34
Small Banded Bracer34
Small Banded Gauntlets46
Small Banded Helm17
Small Banded Leggings17
Small Banded Mail830
Small Banded Mantle16
Small Banded Mask24
Small Banded Sleeves36
Small Bronze Breastplate211
Small Bronze Collar26
Small Bronze Helm311
Small Bronze Mask15
* Small Ringmail Boots14
Small Scarab Boots14
Small Scarab Breastplate68
Small Scarab Helm44
Small Splinted Bronze Cloak18
Small Studded Tunic26
Snakeskin Gloves15
Snakeskin Jerkin15
* Spell: Banshee Aura317
Spell: Color Shift120
* Spell: Hungry Earth317
Spell: Lesser Summoning: Water230
Spell: Mesmerization215
Spell: Project Lightning315
Spell: Restless Bones15
Spell: Summoning: Fire1200
Spider Silk43
Split Paw Hide Belt15
Split Paw Hide Mask110
Split Paw Tooth Necklace130
Stein of Moggok25149
Tailor-made Whip54
Tailored Large Bag122
Tarnished Halberd11
Tarnished Two Handed Sword11
Tattered Skullcap12
Tentacle Whip110
Thaumaturgist's Robe37
Thick Black Cape11
* Thin Boned Wand43
Troll-hide Belt1100
Velvet Choker36
Words of Coercion2550
Words of Convocation11000
Words of Derivation22
Words of Dimension1250
Words of Dominion424
Words of Radiance12
Words of Refuge28
Words of Tyranny12
Words of the Extinct110
Woven Cape13
Woven Gloves64
Woven Mantle13