P1999Green Last Week Auctions

A quick and dirty list of the auctions I have seen on P1999Green over the past 7 days. It is by no means authoritative. Auctions are happening all over the zones, and I only see the ones I'm in. Per the rules, I don't box the server, so I don't have a mule anywhere EXCEPT when I'm not playing; then I have a guy in EC.

Note that the data might be shit. I go to a LITTLE length to try and weed out the obvious bad inputs, but this being a parser of the unbelievably crappy text that EQ players put in their "/auc" notes, there's only so much that can be done.

10 Dose Blood of the Wolf170
* A Crude Stein1880
A Gypsy Medallion4181
A Shimmering Orb7139
A Spider Venom Sac11
Alligator Skin618
* Alligator Tooth Earring143
* Antiqued Silver Band114
Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye11339
Band of Flesh15
Banded Belt165
Banded Boots225
* Banded Bracer66
Banded Cloak86
Banded Gauntlets119
Banded Gorget34
Banded Helm108
Banded Leggings68
Banded Mail1313
Banded Mantle86
Banded Mask33
Banded Sleeves76
Barbed Armplates523
Barbed Leather Whip470
Barbed Legplates317
Barnacle Breastplate180
Basilisk Bracer140
Batfang Headband1100
Batskull Earring3250
Beaded Slime Necklace1400
Bear-hide Boots24
* Bear-hide Jerkin325
Bearskin Potion Bag48
Beartooth Necklace330
Beer Braised Bear34
Beer Braised Lion34
Beer Braised Wolf24
Belt of the River180
Black Iron Girdle1150
Black Iron Medallion5160
Black Pearl140
Blackened Iron Boots125
Blackened Iron Gloves115
Blackened Iron Legplates115
Blackened Iron Mail210
Blackened Iron Spaulder15
Blackened Iron Waistband13
* Blackened Sapphire1121
* Blackened Wand1920
Bladed Thulian Claws1200
* Bloodforge Boots29
Bloodforge Gauntlets15
* Bloodforge Hammer1833
Bloodforge Helm1018
Bloodforge Mail612
* Bloodstained Mantle779
Bloodstained Tunic4138
Bloodstone Ring11
Bone Armplates275
Bone Bladed Claymore3798
* Bone Chips1113
Bone Fingered Gloves618
Bone Legplates150
Bone Shield411
Bone Spear533
* Bone Totem65
Box of Abu-Kar11000
Bracelet of Beetlekind230
Bracelet of Woven Grass697
Bracers of Battle527
Braided Ivy Cords4462
Brass Earring44
Brazen Brass Kilij1200
Brazier of Elemental Summoning3500
Bronze Bastard Sword15
Bronze Boots512
* Bronze Bracers26
Bronze Breastplate626
Bronze Collar96
Bronze Dagger12
* Bronze Gauntlets516
Bronze Girdle58
Bronze Greaves316
Bronze Helm411
Bronze Knuckles23
Bronze Main Gauche13
Bronze Mask54
Bronze Pauldron69
Bronze Two Handed Battle Axe29
Bronze Vambraces39
Bull Smasher973
Charred Guardian Breastplate2200
Charred Guardian Shield4400
Chipped Bone Bracelet1300
Chipped Bone Collar696
Chipped Bone Rod222
Chitin Shell Armor330
Chitin Shell Shield1530
Cinctured Whip11
Clawed Knuckle-Ring1560
Clay Totem14
Cloak of the Ice Bear3133
Cloak of the Undead Eye614
Cloth Cap11
Cloth Pants12
Cold Iron Morning Star3133
Collapsible Fishing Pole125
* Collar of Undead Protection1727
Combine Long Sword150
* Cracked Darkwood Shield14143
* Cracked Giant Scarab Carapace51
Cracked Staff33
Crown of Leaves15
Crushbone Belt12
Crushbone Shoulderpads12
Crystal Ring117
Cured Silk Cloak16
Cured Silk Collar33
Cured Silk Gi712
Cured Silk Handwraps44
Cured Silk Headband26
Cured Silk Leggings17
Cured Silk Mantle14
Cured Silk Mask102
Cured Silk Sandals26
Cured Silk Sash14
Cured Silk Sleeves15
Cured Silk Wristbands14
* Cutthroat Insignia Ring642
* Dagger of Dropping612
* Dagger of Marnek5459
Damask Amice22
Damask Cap62
Damask Cape42
* Damask Collar34
Damask Gloves31
Damask Leggings43
Damask Robe165
Damask Sash11
Damask Sleeves24
Damask Veil22
Damask Wristbands22
Deathfist Shoulderpads22
* Deathfist Slashed Belt702
Desert Tarantula Chitin83
Dragoon Dirk2568
* Drake-hide Leggings572
Drakescale Belt548
Dusty Bloodstained Gloves482
Dwarven Axe313
Dwarven Ringmail Tunic140
Dwarven Two-Handed Axe1223
Dwarven Work Boots1100
* Earring of Disease Reflection110
Electrum Bloodstone Necklace27
Electrum Cat Eye Bracelet99
* Electrum Jasper Earring1715
Electrum Star Amulet78
* Elf-hide Gloves2624
Fang of the Wolf110
Feathered Leggings242
Festering Cloak34
* Fine Steel Great Staff317
Fine Steel Long Sword18
Fine Steel Scimitar18
Fine Steel Short Sword29
Fine Steel Spear612
Fire Beetle Eye33
Fire Crystal Staff779
Fishbone Necklace11
Flameless Lantern13
* Flowing Black Robe1300
Footman's Voulge35
Foreman's Tunic373
Forged Bastard Sword137
Forged Halberd245
Forged Long Sword416
* Forged Morning Star88
Forged Scimitar110
Forged Spear916
* Forged Two Handed Sword4311
Forged Warhammer16
Froglok Skin Mask15
Giant Fire Beetle Eye12
Giant Scarab Egg Sack11
* Giant Snake Fang722
Giant Wasp Wing23
Gigantic Zweihander2300
Glove of Rallos Zek330
Glowing Torch458
* Gnoll Hide Lariat1535
Gold Ring11
Golden Cat Eye Bracelet120
Golden Ear Stud216
* Golden Locket117
Gossamer Robe209
Great Staff122
Greater Lightstone387
Griffon Talon Gloves323
Grizzly Bear Skin15
Grobb Oven Mittens34
Groflah's Stoutbite24
* Hand Made Backpack2414
* Head of Shen210
* Hero Bracers11336
* High Quality Bear Skin1075
* High Quality Cat Pelt363
* High Quality Wolf Skin262
Hollowed Bone Bracers1100
* Honeycomb132
Hopper Spear317
Hulking Spiked Club110
Ice of Velious612
Illegible Cantrip44
Iony's Absorber120
* Ivory Bracelet947
Jade Shard110
* Jaded Electrum Bracelet1616
* Jaded Silver Ring137
Jagged Band367
* Kaglari Mana Doll419
Kiola Nut94
Langseax of the Wolves3250
Large Banded Belt46
Large Banded Boots255
Large Banded Bracer124
* Large Banded Cloak46
Large Banded Gauntlets185
Large Banded Gorget133
Large Banded Helm65
Large Banded Leggings38
Large Banded Mail1118
Large Banded Mantle26
* Large Banded Mask44
Large Banded Sleeves56
Large Bronze Boots510
Large Bronze Bracers17
Large Bronze Breastplate322
Large Bronze Collar136
Large Bronze Gauntlets112
Large Bronze Girdle49
Large Bronze Greaves37
Large Bronze Helm217
Large Bronze Mask17
Large Bronze Pauldron312
Large Bronze Vambraces212
Large Leather Shoulderpads22
Large Reinforced Wristbands15
Large Ringmail Belt24
Large Ringmail Boots14
Large Ringmail Bracelet12
Large Ringmail Cape34
Large Ringmail Coat39
Large Ringmail Mantle25
Large Ringmail Sleeves73
Large Ringmail Visor13
Large Splinted Bronze Cloak711
Large Studded Belt11
Large Studded Leggings15
Large Studded Mask13
Large Tattered Belt14
Large Tattered Wristbands11
Leather Padding1623
Leather Whip54
Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap11261
Leering Mask28
Left Goblin Ear14
* Legionnaire's Bracer163
Limestone Ring11
Lion-skin Leggings832
Lizard Blood Potion1100
Low Quality Bear Skin73
Low Quality Cat Pelt21
Low Quality Wolf Skin22
Lupine Runed Armband1200
Lute of the Gypsy Princess2125
Medium Quality Bear Skin203
Medium Quality Cat Pelt53
Medium Quality Wolf Skin12
Mesh Armbands44
Mesh Bracers22
Mesh Cape43
Mesh Gauntlets67
Mesh Girth23
Mesh Gorget73
Mesh Helm44
Mesh Leggings55
Mesh Mantle103
Mesh Tunic127
Midnight Mallet4388
* Minotaur Battle Axe279
* Minotaur Horn236
Minotaur Ribcage275
Mithril Quill343
Mystical Claws of Jojo175
Netted Gloves42
Netted Pants41
Nightmare Hide25
* Obsidian Bead Hoop7136
* Obsidian Shard4249
Ogre Butcher Gloves541
Ogre War Maul1478
Onyx Earring23
Onyx Ring310
Opalline Earring4175
Orb of Slime130
Orc Scalp23
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 2322
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 2454
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 2693
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 3011
Patchwork Cloak21
Patchwork Sleeves14
Pearl Shard225
Polar Bear Cloak262
Polished Bone Bracelet11108
Polished Bone Hoop210
Polished Granite Tomahawk16178
Preserved Split Paw Eye34
* Pristine Giant Scarab Carapace342
Purity Belt124
Putrid Rib Bone26
Qeynos Kite Shield15
Quartz Crystal25
Rat Shaped Ring34
Raw Silk Cloak21
Raw Silk Collar31
Raw Silk Leggings22
Raw Silk Mask11
* Raw Silk Robe223
Raw Silk Sandals11
Raw Silk Sleeves41
Raw Silk Wristbands61
Raw-hide Belt11
Raw-hide Boots32
Raw-hide Cloak12
Raw-hide Gloves12
Raw-hide Tunic104
Reaper of the Dead4275
Ring of Goblin Lords272
Ring of Slime120
Ringmail Boots24
Ringmail Bracelet14
Ringmail Coat110
Ringmail Coif26
Ringmail Neckguard24
Ringmail Pants56
Riptide Spear110
Robe of the Oracle2700
* Rough Elm Recurve Bow87
Round Shield12
Rune of Al'Kabor110
Rune of Falhalem21
Rune of Fulguration47
Rune of Nagafen22
Rune of Neglect11
Rune of Periphery54
Rune of Proximity36
Rune of Substance13
Runed Bone Fork14243
Runed Totem Staff744
RunnyEye Warbeads44
Rusty Two Handed Battle Axe11
Sacrificial Dagger23118
Savant's Cap1100
Scouts Cape18
* Screaming Mace3117
Serrated Bone Dirk1600
Shadow Wolf Pelt44
Sheer Bone Mask288
Shield of the Slain Unicorn2200
Shiny Brass Halberd1762
Shiny Brass Idol8252
Shiny Brass Shield433
Shiny Golden Coin634
* Shralok Pack5557
Silk Evening Tunic810
* Silk Swatch268
* Silver Amber Ring285
* Silver Bloodstone Earring173
Silver Carnelian Wedding Ring56
Silver Cat Eye Necklace162
Silver Hematite Ring12
* Silver Jasper Ring314
Silver Lapis Lazuli Necklace12
Silver Malachite Ring11
Silver Onyx Bracelet42
* Silver Rose Engagement Ring344
Silver Ruby Veil3267
Silver Wolf's Eye Necklace18
Silverish Scimitar8101
Silvery War Axe1150
* Skinning Knife73
Skull of Jhen`Tra723
Sleek Black Cape210
Small Banded Belt145
Small Banded Boots95
* Small Banded Bracer104
Small Banded Cloak46
* Small Banded Gauntlets126
* Small Banded Gorget74
* Small Banded Helm97
* Small Banded Leggings78
Small Banded Mail1219
* Small Banded Mantle1111
Small Banded Mask32
* Small Banded Sleeves155
Small Bronze Bracers24
Small Bronze Breastplate335
Small Bronze Collar118
* Small Bronze Gauntlets311
Small Bronze Girdle33
Small Bronze Greaves616
Small Bronze Helm317
Small Bronze Mask24
Small Bronze Pauldron35
Small Patchwork Tunic29
Small Reinforced Mask12
Small Reinforced Tunic11
Small Ringmail Boots24
Small Ringmail Cape26
Small Ringmail Coat68
Small Ringmail Gloves24
Small Ringmail Mantle24
Small Ringmail Neckguard23
Small Ringmail Pants26
Small Ringmail Sleeves26
Small Scarab Boots82
Small Scarab Breastplate325
Small Scarab Helm173
* Small Splinted Bronze Cloak49
Small Studded Belt12
Small Studded Boots14
Small Studded Gloves23
Small Studded Gorget22
Small Studded Leggings13
Small Studded Mask34
Small Studded Skullcap12
Small Studded Sleeves44
Small Studded Tunic26
Small Studded Wristbands22
Small Tattered Gorget13
Small Tattered Mask13
Small Tattered Shoulderpads12
Snake Egg78
Snakeskin Gloves79
Snakeskin Jerkin120
Snakeskin Mask36
Soft Leather Boots215
Spell: Banshee Aura115
Spell: Berserker Strength1527
Spell: Color Shift1019
Spell: Cornucopia260
Spell: Disempower49
Spell: Everfount347
Spell: Harmshield637
Spell: Haunting Corpse789
Spell: Hungry Earth420
Spell: Levitate46
Spell: Mesmerization1519
Spell: Pillar of Fire115
Spell: Project Lightning115
Spell: Strip Enchantment425
Spell: Tepid Deeds1048
Spell: Voice Graft818
Spell: Word of Shadow120
* Spider Silk164
Spiderling Silk133
Spiked Collar320
Splinted Bronze Cloak313
Split Paw37
* Split Paw Hide Belt815
* Split Paw Hide Gloves1731
Split Paw Hide Mask410
Split Paw Hide Tunic1114
Split Paw Tooth Necklace719
Staff of Writhing5144
* Stein of Moggok126142
Stone Circlet12
Studded Leather Collar38
Studded Tunic15
Symbol of Loyalty to Vox1200
Tailor-made Whip167
* Tailored Large Bag252
* Tentacle Whip2440
Thaumaturgist's Robe1213
Thex Dagger11187
Thick Black Cape23
Thick Grizzly Bear Skin34
* Thick Leather Apron150
Thin Boned Wand15
Troll-hide Belt1684
Turtleshell Helm475
Velvet Choker115
Vial of Viscous Mana110
Watchman Boots1100
Water Crystal Staff4131
* Wee Harvester927
Werewolf Skin Cloak1350
Werewolf-hide Jerkin130
Wolf-hide Belt22
Wolf-hide Cape13
Words of Absorption150
Words of Coercion2300
Words of Derivation12
Words of Dimension288
Words of Dissemination110
Words of Dissolution36
Words of Dominion49
Words of Possession67
* Words of Recluse516
Words of Refuge22
Words of Spirit33
Words of Transcendence150
Words of Tyranny212
Words of the Element22
Words of the Spoken32
Woven Cap12
Woven Cape22
Woven Collar12
Woven Girth22
* Woven Gloves1410
Woven Leggings32
Woven Mantle22
Woven Tunic14